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Ultimate Highway Honey Flannel

Ultimate Highway Honey Flannel

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We Brought this one back!! SOLD out of these within a week!!

Why do we choose these flannels for our fall collection?? Let’s start out with they will be the softest flannel you have ever owned!

Well made!! That’s huge to us. This means you will be enjoying this flannel for many years.

Uniqueness!! The colors are created thru a special dying process which means no two flannels are exactly a like. The versatility on these! They provide warmth, you can wear them closed up with button closure or leave open with multiple layers. They look fantastic as an accent piece around the waist. 

Don’t let the price scare you away- the old saying “ You get what you pay for!” That is entirely true here! These are not ordinary flannel shirts. You are worth it and so are these flannels!

Trust us ♥️

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