About Us

Hi Everyone,

Tara and Mindi here! 

We are sisters running this entire pony with our kids!

Tara has two boys, Ashton and Brandt!  They handle all our warehousing needs!  Mindi has two girls, Helena and Aidan!  They handle social media and marketing. They also model for us too!

We started Weathered Pony over twelve years ago when our kids (grade school at the time) were first learning about our economy and how to run and operate a business.  They sold directly through social media (Instagram) only.  Customers were family, friends and teachers.  Then sports, academics and teen life took over.  Now, all of us adults, are so happy to bring this pony out of the paddock again!

Why the pony?

We grew up with ponies and horses in our valley. Our days were spent in 4-H and on horseback.

Our ponies and horses were beautiful. Each one had big personalities and were a little wild. Just like our collections!

We are happy you found us and we hope each of you will find something unique and special.